This is a report of the Open House of the 5th Annual Design Innovation Workshop held by MIT Media Labs on 23rd January at PDPU, Gandhinagar

Over 50 fascinating exhibits, all made in the span of a week; It was quite literally Maker’s Heaven. Attending as I was, on the day of the exhibition of the final models, it was difficult to imagine what kind of magic must have taken place in the workshops held in the previous week. There were 10 different tracks, spanning from synthetic biology and civic innovation to immersive storytelling.

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The stuff that dreams of are made of “ ~ The Maltese Falcon

Web Development is a fast paced, highly competitive and creative field. Commonly, there are two big parts to any web-based thingy. The front end, where the pretty stuff is. This falls under web design. Then we have the back end, where all the heavy machinery nestle. Technically only the back end falls under web development, but one cannot describe a house, without showing where the front door is. In this article I have tried to collect...

Here’s what happens when you hack a mobile video game

Last week, I downloaded Nimble Quest, a game inspired by the Nokia classic

. The game itself is quite fun, featuring about 16 playable characters, of which one you need to choose as your ‘Hero’. There are an unlimited number of levels, each with a number of enemies your character needs to kill. As the game progresses, more characters line up behind your Hero to form a chain. The characters handle all the killing on their own, and your job is to make...