A review of Visme, a web app for creating presentations and more

As we move into an era where visually-rich content is omnipresent, we find ourselves facing a unique problem: The content you create needs to be showcased in a visually appealing way for it to get noticed, before the content itself is evaluated. Software and tools to aid in Presentation and Infographic creation are now extremely common. Visme, is one of the few which stand out in the crowd.

It is a web app that lets you create beautiful, striking presentations, infographics, and short animation clips. Visme creations are interesting in that they are directly exported to HTML5. This means they can be embedded on any website or social network, and be viewed as if they were being played offline on your computer. Visme also hosts your creations so you can easily share them through a link.

Visme is subscription based, but also has a watered-down version which you can use for free. Free projects cannot be made private, and many themes are locked. Only a part of Visme’s vast resource library can be accessed with the free version. Most importantly, the free version of Visme only lets you export your creations in

exporting is locked.

Where Visme rocks

1. UI Finesse

Vise has a beautiful interface which loads rapidly despite being a web app. It is simple to use for the average user. You are provided with a canvas where you can drag different visual elements, like images, graphs or videos. Left clicking on any element allows to give it extra properties, like adding effects.

I personally loved Visme’s interface. It has the right blend of minimalism, with easily-accessible features to ensure hassle free experience. All your projects can be saved in the cloud before being published.

2. Lots of great (mostly free) templates

Visme lets you create a project in three ways : A presentation template, an infographic template or a blank canvas. There are tons of professional-looking themes that let you start adding your content immediately, but several can be accessed only if you are a paid subscriber. There still are plenty of good-looking themes you can go with if you are just trying out the free version, or just use the blank canvas option.

3. Easy adding of Charts, Graphs, Images and Videos

You can drag and drop different objects to the canvas. You can upload your own images, or just use some from Visme’s great graphics library (More on that later)

Another nice feature of Visme, is that it lets you add different types of Graphs and Charts, all in one drag’n’drop.

Videos can be embedded directly in Visme from a site like youtube.

4. One click Animations

Although object animations are not yet supported, there are lots of text animations that you can add in Visme. The Transitions feature lets you add entry and exit animation for each slide.

5. Great resource library with background images, sounds, icons, banners - Essential for Infographs

Infographs are presently trending, and Visme lets you create really beautiful ones without difficulty. If the themes provided aren’t your thing, then use the huge library of banners, shapes, badges, and text effects to create your own infograph. There is even an audio library for adding royalty-free sounds to your presentation.

Where Visme lacks


Visme lets you import Powerpoint presentations as either images which means error-free conversion or as an editable project. This is a great feature but it somewhat lacks as it cannot handle any Powerpoint animations. Also, while you can export any thing you create on Visme to fully interactive offline use as HTML5 (which is awesome, because I hate proprietary formats), there is no way to import the same back to Visme.

Interesting things to try:

1. iFrame embeds

Visme allows you to embed anything in an iFrame format, which essentially opens a world of possibilities.

2. HTML format

Since the offline presentations are stored in HTML you can easily tweak around a little bit to go beyond what can be done in Visme’s editor. I haven’t tried this yet, but I will post my results soon.

Codesnap of Visme's HTML export


Good. A solid editor which is especially useful for creating infographs. The free version is pretty basic and you need to pay for a subscription to start creating more interesting content, but at 7$/month it is easily worth the price.

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