October 01, 2014

Hello World!

I’ve often wondered about the ramifications of starting a blog. Wittily penning down my personal life for the amusement of readers has never appealed to my conscience. I always wanted to start a purely technical blog, but never found a good enough way. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am one of those people who love the tools more than the creations made by those tools. After experimenting with Blogger, tweaking around with WordPress and Weebly, I finally discovered my new love

on the best website for any one who calls themselves an open-source developer - Github.

And he said


Let There Be Light !

Finally, a way to make a beautiful blog, without being bogged down by the clutter of databases and brain-freezingly slow layout managers! With a small learning curve and lots of room for experimentation,

provides enough challenges to be an interesting tool and at the same time remaining stable enough to not eat out my nuerons every time I need to write out a post. I am finally able to do what I’ve always wanted to do : Go crazy with words under the pretense of writing a Technical Blog.

Regex Substitution to structure raw data

Regex use case - Converting data copy pasted from a PDF into a JSON file Continue reading

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