The Challenge:

Regular Expressions ( aka the regex ) are powerful tools for doing string comparison (and substitution!). I was recently building an online practice quiz app - with javascript - and I needed to create a JSON database of the questions and answers. Of course, as my luck would have it, all the questions were on a pdf. There was no way to directly convert this to the format I needed.

The Raw data:

The raw pdf data

My required format:


A review of Visme, a web app for creating presentations and more

As we move into an era where visually-rich content is omnipresent, we find ourselves facing a unique problem: The content you create needs to be showcased in a visually appealing way for it to get noticed, before the content itself is evaluated. Software and tools to aid in Presentation and Infographic creation are now extremely common. Visme, is one of the few which stand out in the crowd.

It is a web app that lets you create beautiful, striking presentations, infographics, and...

Why most programmers need an alternate operating system and how you should go about getting one

Linux Distros

So, if you are reading this on a laptop or a desktop computer, I can say with 98.98 percent1 surety that you are using a version of either the Windows or Mac

Operating System

Generally, a single operating system is sufficient for most computer users. But when you are developing software for multiple operating systems, or using your computer for things like making a web server, or running...